Kanishka Weeramunda
  • Designation: Tech Advisor

Team Information

Kanishka Weeramunda comes from a professional background in the education sector. He is a former visiting lecturer of University Moratuwa, University of Middlesex UK, Post Graduate Institute of Management in Dubai and Qatar and The American University of Emirates in Dubai which has given him immense exposure in the field of education.

Kanishka holds a Bachelor’s degree from University of Colombo, Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Manipal and a Masters in Human Resource Management from Asia University, Malaysia. He is also a Member of the British Computer Society and a Chartered IT professional. His visionary leadership and talent for coaching and mentoring people has led him to drive individuals to achieve goals and to push team members to climb greater heights. He is an alumni of MIT Global Startup Labs and also a scholar of Global Connect Program hosted by Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology and the startup exchange program hosted by the Infocom Investments in Singapore. Moreover, Weeramunda is still on the hunt for knowledge as he is currently reading for a PhD in Entrepreneurship.

Main activities: Mentoring and guiding companies in the IT Services sector to expand their businesses both locally and internationally. Holding more than 18 years of high level experience in the ICT industry, Kanishka Weeramunda, is the proud CEO of PayMedia (Pvt) Ltd, a rapidly evolving Fin-Tech company in Sri Lanka, started with the aim of providing the best calibre of total software solutions for Banks, Government and other Financial Institutes. The company’s products are currently simplifying the user experience of millions around the country and enables clients to gain a competitive edge by enhancing digital services based on process automation and real-time payments.  Weeramunda invested in 5 active start-ups and founded Square Hub, which accommodates these start-ups.

International Exposure – Kanishka Weeramunda has represented Sri Lanka in many international startup conferences in Europe, Asia and in the Asia Pacific regions, bringing in many more opportunities to the growing Sri Lankan startup community.  Weeramunda has the knowledge and expertise in International Business Planning, Export Strategy Development and Digital Cross Border Payment Facilitation

He contributes towards building the ICT industry of Sri Lanka by being a co-founder of Sri Lanka’s first ever tech start-up conference, DisruptAsia, and he is also a community leader of Startup Weekend Sri Lanka, the Seedstarts Colombo winner in 2018 and a National and International Leadership trainer and a coach.